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Tabz Jones: CEO | (479)222-4633 | gothic_toggs@yahoo.com

The Bubble Gum Bimbo brand came about as an idea hatched in a 3am sleepless stupor as the still small voice of my “inner child” screamed in defiance of all of the Dark Gothiness of the rest of my life. It seemed she wanted a creative outlet as well, and the more glittery and girly the better.

So into my sparkly new pink cauldron went my favorite girly styles. Some cute Kawaii fruit and animals, a bit of Lolita lace, LOTS of rainbows and unicorns, desserts of all kinds... I could go on but you get the idea. I stirred it a few times and hit it with a sprinkle of moon dust and sunbeams and WHALAA! Bubble Gum Bimbo was born♥

It’s fun, and flirty, and calls out to be noticed with bright colors and happy themes.
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